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16-02-2018 14:47 | Tacyt
Registration is working again.

Reports Vault

06-03-2016 12:28 | Tacyt
Adding reports to the vault using the script works again. The only required task is reentering the script, i.e. copying and pasting it in TW.


06-03-2016 12:26 | Tacyt
Registration issues have been solved.

New server

18-02-2015 13:53 | Tacyt
We have moved to a new server. Hopefully it can serve us longer than a previous one. Please report all errors.

New War Stats

08-04-2014 23:24 | Tacyt
The most complex War Stats tool on the web has been added. Tribes, players, tribeless players, abandoned villages, self-ennoblements - all these features are supported. The obtained results can be saved and exported to an external server with a single click.

Automatic Language Detection

04-12-2013 16:37 | Tacyt
Reports Converter has been equipped with Automatic Language Detection so that choosing a language before parsing is not needed anymore.
Since language detection is not a trivial task, forgive all the errors and PM me the reports for which the language detections fails.

US server added

05-11-2013 22:50 | Tacyt
Visit for stats from Tribal Wars USA server!

New updates system

01-06-2013 22:05 | Tacyt
In the last couple of days we were testing the new updates system, and now we finally switched to it. It should drastically reduce server load and improve user convenience. As always, report all the errors.

Converter fix

13-04-2013 12:44 | Tacyt
Error with reports not converting due to nightly bonus for the defender has been resolved.
Please report other errors!

Romanian server is back

09-04-2013 13:14 | Tacyt
You can find it at

UK server added

02-04-2013 12:06 | Tacyt
Visit for stats from Tribal Wars UK server!

Lithuanian Reports Converter

02-03-2013 23:13 | Tacyt
Support for yet another language has been added to the converter - this time Lithuanian. Credits to DMetal.

Swiss Reports Converter

15-02-2013 21:31 | Tacyt
Thanks to efforts from chiefsmaster, Swiss version of reports converter is supported from now on.

Spanish and Arabic servers available

13-11-2012 14:17 | Tacyt
We are happy to announce the opening of two new servers, supporting:
- arabic, and
- spanish

Tribal Wars game versions. Please spread the word!
New servers will be added when meaningful interest will be encountered.

Reports Vault Script returning error

24-10-2012 17:49 | Tacyt
If you are experiencing an error This is not a page with the report while trying to send a report to your vault, update your quickbar/bookmark script with its new version available in your Vault.

The origin of this error was tribal wars' change in URL GET parameters' order.

Signatures issue

08-08-2012 12:02 | Tacyt
If your signatures are not being displayed, submit your login again in Signature Generator.

Hello World!

04-08-2012 17:00 | Tacyt
Glad to see you again! :)

Inform us please about any encountered errors.

Also we would like to announce increase of number of database updates.

Back to life

04-08-2012 02:14 | Tacyt
The site should be fully functionable tomorrow.

We will be back...

30-07-2012 22:52 | Tacyt
... just give us a little bit more time. TY

Entire database is safely stored and is waiting to be re-loaded.

Also, please do not register yourself or create vaults, etc.

Reports Converter - bug fix

15-11-2011 18:16 | Tacyt
Error with hiding OD points has been fixed.


15-11-2011 18:15 | Tacyt
New world has been added.

En59 added

12-10-2011 11:35 | Tacyt

Performance improvements

10-10-2011 22:41 | Tacyt
Some performance improvements have been implemented. Please report errors.

Reports Vault improvements

03-10-2011 17:17 | Tacyt
In recent week some improvements have been applied to the Reports Vault. The most important is the possibility to switch between Attacker and Defender view. In each view, different information is present.

World 58

16-08-2011 17:23 | Tacyt
Added. GL & HF!

World 57

11-06-2011 13:46 | Tacyt
World number 57 has been added.

Hiding data in Reports Converter

16-04-2011 15:41 | Tacyt
Hiding data in Reports Converter has been fixed thanks to Joalban from Spain.

Reports Vault Script [updated]

06-04-2011 14:39 | Tacyt
We released the Reports Vault Script. It will drastically simplify and accelerate the procedure of adding reports to the Vault.
Here you can find the discussion about the script.

Update 07 IV 2011: Errors related to incorrect luck, building damage level and loyalty have been fixed.

Recent Reports Vault errors

24-03-2011 00:32 | Tacyt
It is recommended to "recalculate stats" for each reports vault to eliminate some errors that may occur.

OK, NVM :)

Big changes on the site

22-03-2011 19:31 | Tacyt
We are currently performing some huge changes on the site, mainly related to Reports Vault and User Dashboard. All changes are connected with both the database conversion and script changes, and should finish in a quarter. The modifications should increase the user's convenience, increase the page loading times and decrease the database load. Also any limitations from the reports vault should disappear.

We will inform you about the end of this process.

If you find any functionality not working properly, please write to us.

[20:05] Done

Reports Vault error

03-02-2011 16:57 | Tacyt
is currently being solved. Keep fingers crossed :)

World 55

28-01-2011 17:31 | Tacyt
We've added world 55.

World 54

15-12-2010 11:10 | Tacyt
First world based on TribalWars version 7.0 has been added.

Live rankings

16-11-2010 22:46 | Tacyt
Live rankings should now (please wait up to 24 hours for updates) present up-to-date data.

World 53

05-11-2010 13:33 | Tacyt
We 've added world no. 53. Enjoy!

World 52

30-10-2010 00:18 | Tacyt
World number 52 has been added.

Errors fixed

26-10-2010 16:31 | Tacyt
Error with ODA points being displayed instead of ODD points in player's profile and few bugs in Continents' statistics have been fixed thanks to help of anonymous user :)

PS. It may take up to 24 hours till the update of some corrupted data.

Another War Stats improvement

11-10-2010 17:40 | Tacyt
Number of conquers by continent table has been added to the both types of War Stats.
It presents number of conquers and conquerors on each continent for each tribe, same as for all ally and enemy tribes together.


17-09-2010 14:25 | Tacyt
We are making huge updates on the site, trying to increase the performance. Thus some functionalities may not work. If you spot any, please inform us.

Map - bugs fixed

12-09-2010 12:39 | Tacyt
Few bugs related to the Map, eg. adding map to the Map archive, has been fixed.

Top conquerors in Wars Stats

07-09-2010 13:14 | Tacyt
Top conquerors list has been added to War Stats.

ODD tracking

30-08-2010 10:25 | Tacyt
In Players' Tracking System we've added tracking by ODD points.

War Stats β improvement

30-07-2010 00:30 | Tacyt
As some of you may already noticed, in War Stats β list of ennoblements page, there is data about Top conquerors against each tribe available. Now all this data is at once converted into BB-Codes.

World 51 added

22-07-2010 10:18 | Tacyt
World number 51 has been added.

Beta world added

18-07-2010 18:16 | Tacyt
Beta world (appears as zz1 on the list) has been added.

External authorization

04-07-2010 00:28 | Tacyt
From now on we will use the external authorization system for registration of new users.
This is due to some amount of accounts being created by bots that never heard about tribalwars.

If you encounter any issues please send us a message with use of contact form.

Vault and Dashboard changes

16-06-2010 18:14 | Tacyt
A possibility to change admin or user link pointing to a Report Vault has been added (check the "links" bookmark).

Also from now on in User Dashboard it is possible to remove links to any Vault which is not needed anymore (but the Vault is not being deleted).

World 50 added

17-05-2010 19:44 | Tacyt
Enjoy! :)

[Solved] Images issue

14-05-2010 22:23 | Tacyt
We are aware about issues with image version of reports, saving map as an image and report from war stats.
We are trying to solve them.

Adding Vaults to User Dashboard

13-05-2010 20:53 | Tacyt
We implemented the possibility to add foreign Vaults to User Dashboard.

All you have to do is to:
- go to your dashboard,
- choose some world,
- paste the raw URL of the Vault into the Your Vaults field,
- press add button.

BB-Codes export now working again

08-05-2010 16:44 | Tacyt
Finally we solved some bugs related to exporting data into bb-codes.

Now it is possible to export following data in a form of a table:
- Village ennoblements between tribes
- Players tracking - Points
- Players tracking - ODA Points
- Claim System - claims
- Tribes' ranking - all available
- Tribes' growth ranking - all available
- Tribes' growth ranking archive - all available
- Last ennoblements

Please report all bugs.

Also if we promised you to add some functionality, and it is still not available, feel free to remind us about it :)

En 49

09-04-2010 18:23 | Tacyt
World number 49 added.

Changes in reports

20-03-2010 20:40 | Tacyt
Recently we've noticed some minor changes in the shape of reports. If you encounter some missing data in the report please inform us.

RV bug solved

16-03-2010 22:18 | Tacyt
Reports Vault bug concerning visibility of data in the reports has been solved thanks to Rilech
Thanks mate :)

Done :)

14-03-2010 20:55 | Tacyt
For more info please visit our forum.
If you notice any error please contact us. There is now special button sticked to the right side that you can use for this purpose.
IE users already know that we encourage them to change the web browser, although on IE8 there shouldn't be any issues while using the site.
If you encounter any issues trying to log-in please clear all cookies related to If that doesn't help contact us and provide your email and nickname.

Switch to Beta

13-03-2010 15:20 | Tacyt
Tomorrow at about 10GMT we will update the site to the new version. It can be down for few minutes. Write here your objections :)

W47 & 48

23-02-2010 16:48 | Tacyt
Worlds number 47 and 48 has been added!

All reports in RV

22-02-2010 14:07 | Tacyt
We 've added All reports and All villages sections into Reports vault, so you can now see all reports added to Vault and all attacked villages at once.

World 4

21-02-2010 00:25 | Tacyt
World 4 has been added!

Beta version available!

20-02-2010 14:35 | Tacyt
Please visit the Beta version of mytwstats and report all errors. Beta version is the one currently developed and will replace the old version as soon as all major errors will be fixed.

Croatian Reports Converter

15-02-2010 15:42 | Tacyt
Reports Converter supports now reports from
Please inform us about any errors.

World 22

10-02-2010 13:13 | Tacyt
We 've added world no. 22 :)

January website stats

06-02-2010 14:19 | Tacyt
In January, served up the following statistics:

13,781 Unique Visitors
114,734 Hits
10.16GB of data transferred.
74.4% run a Windows box.
21.7% run a Mac.
2.5% run Linux.

43.1% browsed with Firefox
34.3% browsed with Opera
12.2% browsed with IE

Hopefully this month we will be adding a couple of new items to keep you coming back and make THE place for all your TribalWar data needs.

Thank you!!!

Vault stats

20-01-2010 22:21 | Tacyt
In Reports Vault admins can now check the Vault statistics describing precisely troops killed in general and day by day, both for attackers and defenders. There are also graphs showing same data.
If you have another requests just write :)

EDIT: Now admins can decide whether to make Vault statistics public to all Vault's users or not. Also haul was added to the stats.

World 46 added

18-01-2010 18:50 | Tacyt

Reports Vault- Error

30-12-2009 00:19 | Tacyt
Reports Vault error has been fixed thanks to survivorjane :)
From time to time we make unvisible changes (in code), which can sometimes lead to errors or misfunctions.
Please inform us each time you find something strange.

World 45 added!

20-12-2009 23:27 | Tacyt
GL & HF!

Chat in Reports Vault update

11-12-2009 17:59 | Tacyt
Live Chat in Reports Vault is from now available for each village separately.
As always please notify us about all errors.

Claim System

27-11-2009 19:03 | Tacyt
Issue with claming a village in Village Claim System has been solved.

World 44 added!

27-11-2009 11:40 | Tacyt
Good luck to all!

RC - Units outside of village

24-11-2009 02:06 | Tacyt
Reports converter has been updated so now it can display Units outside of village.
If you note, that some data is not displayed or is displayed incorrectly, please let us know.

RV - Advanced players' assigning

21-11-2009 22:50 | Tacyt
Recently a new convenience feature has been added to the Reports Vault.
It is responsible for massive players' import.
You specify a tribe's tag and continent numbers (optional), and receive a list of players inhabiting mentioned continents (or whole world) and belonging to the specified tribe.
You can find this feature in Admin Panel under Advanced options (separately for attackers and defenders).

Chat in Reports Vault

16-11-2009 23:01 | Tacyt
From now on a Live Chat in Reports Vault is available.
There is a special, self-refreshing box where you can leave your opinions about progress of the war campaign.
To be able to chat you must be logged in to the site.
This feature works with all modern browsers.
Please report all errors.

World 43 added!

14-11-2009 15:35 | Tacyt

Hello world 42!

19-10-2009 10:53 | Tacyt
GL & HF!

Reports Vault improvement

20-09-2009 19:20 | Tacyt
We would like to announce that a new version of Reports Vault has been released!
New features include:
- The wall level is listed along with the troops in the village.
- If in the newest report there is no information about the wall level, the latest known wall level is shown (link to that latest wall level report is provided too).
- Same logic applies to the units outside of village information.
- The report status is indicated in the same way as in game (green, yellow, red, blue icons).
- Village Info and Changes of owners are presented in village view,
- Reports' visibility option to Hide troops outside of the village are added for both admins and users.

The following image (click to enlarge) should help you understand some of the new features:

Click here for a Reports Vault example!

Scripts section available

10-09-2009 18:38 | Tacyt
Check out our new section called Scripts. Link you can find above.
As fo now you can find there our first script, which adds to the player's and tribe's profile a graph and link to mytwstats profile.

It would be great if you could help us in development of this idea.

Logging in

05-09-2009 17:45 | Tacyt
If you have any issues with logging in, please clear you browser's cache or destroy cookies related to (or write below, we will help you :) )

User dashboard

29-08-2009 19:34 | Tacyt
User Dashboard has been implemented in 'My Account' section.

It allows each registered user to see all his Vaults, Claim Groups, Lists of tracked players and saved maps, in one place, and access it by one click.

Each world has its own area, with names of all undermentioned stuff editable.
Also in World Area you can specify unlimited number of tribes and players that in each rank will stay on the top and be easily accessible.

In future User Dashboard will be improved a lot!

W8 added

28-08-2009 09:34 | Tacyt
Enjoy your stay! :)

Reports Vault v2

30-07-2009 14:45 | Tacyt
Second version of RV has been released.

Update 08/08/2009
- attacker's village data - visibility checkbox added for both admin and user,
- bug with missing wall damage fixed

New features:
- grouping reports by attacker,
- report's visibility settings when adding a report,
- reports' visibility settings for the whole Vault (admin),
- improved descriptions, small bugs fixed.

Please note, that in some cases it might be reasonable to create a new Vault, as v2 is not fully compatible with v1.

Romanian worlds aboard

28-07-2009 16:14 | Tacyt
We introdue a test version of Initially two worlds (11 and 15) has been added. If they will be popular, other worlds from appear.

Reports Vault

28-07-2009 15:58 | Tacyt
We would like to present to you a new feature called Reports Vault.

Create a new Vault in a few easy steps and forget about the reports chaos within your tribe.
Reports Vault allows to store infinite number of reoprts, and sort them by defender and village.
You can view all the reports relating to a village or a player with a single click.
As an adminstrator you can hide specific reports and add new administrators.

We believe this tool can be very helpful during war times.

Worth mention is, that registration is not required.

Please note, that it is beta release and some errors can appear. Please inform us about them.
Also we recommend using modern browsers.


22-07-2009 13:04 | Tacyt
Please wait about 1 day for their update.

Worlds 40 and 41 added

08-07-2009 23:59 | Tacyt
Good luck and have fun :)

New map!

03-07-2009 15:47 | Tacyt
We would like to present to you a brand new map. From now on, typing any coordinates is a thing of the past :)

First change is a new 0.5 map size. In this size, when entering a map page, a blank map of whole world appears.
To choose an interesting part of the map, just move your cursor over it and select area with left mouse button down. Coordinates will be filled automatically. If you click outside the selected area, then coordinates will return to their initial state.

Another new thing is the possibility of creating a static map image, saving it to your profile, and creating a simple image archive.
Of course, saving map settings, to dynamic generation of maps, is still available.
We believe these two options will simplify watching changes happening on the world.

We have also implemented a choice of background map color and color of abandoned villages.

Graphs of players

11-06-2009 12:06 | Tacyt
Issue with graphs of players should be resolved. Graphs will appear tomorrow.

War Stats - exporting to image

07-06-2009 18:55 | Tacyt
Exporting War Stats into image was implemented.
Exemplary image looks like this below:

[click to enlarge]

Mytwstats tour and maps

02-06-2009 23:39 | Tacyt
If You still don't know why You should switch to, we will help You to resolve Your doubts :)

Participate in Mytwstats Tour, a short presenation with our most popular, interesting and innovative options included. We assure You You are not aware about them.

It contains lot of images, so don't be afraid that there is only a plain text with no examples :)

Furthermore changes to Map layout were implemented. Now You can easily generate a map typing Central point and radius.
We've also made some changes to TW Theme.

We hope You enjoy the changes!

New War Stats

24-05-2009 20:02 | Tacyt
Please check out our New War Stats.
Now all village changes, even between players that left the tribe or deleted their accounts, are considered.
New War Stats You can find in "Tribes" section.
We hope You enjoy the change and expect more in future!

Help needed!

17-05-2009 19:54 | Tacyt
We are looking for users who could help us propagate the site.
We put a lot of effort in it and would be very happy to see people find it useful. :)

The simplest method to help us is to put a link in forum signature/TW in-game profile.

Please remember that spamming and advertising any site using PM is prohibited.

Tw-stats is back!

21-04-2009 22:25 | Tacyt
We are deeply sorry for the confusion related to the site.
It was rarely online, slow and not up-to-date as it should be.
We were forced to change the hosting and are sure, that this time situations mentioned above won't happen.

Unfortunately all DB was lost, including user accounts, claims, tribes' and players' statistics, and graphs.

We are adding new worlds right now.

We enourage You all to register once more!

Also we would like to inform you, that hambone667 became our new admin! :)

Thanks for help Mate!
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