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Reports converter does not work

Unfortunately we can't assure you, that our converter script is free of errors, hence this reason can not be excluded from the group of potential reasons why your report is not being parsed properly. This is because Tribal Wars constantly makes small changes in the report's structure that influence the result you receive when converting a report.

However, we monitor all the errors that occur while converting, and we are improving the script all the time.

Before blaming us, read carefully the following lines. Maybe they will solve your issues.

These data is necessary to produce a correct report:

  • information about attacker
  • information about defender
  • information about units/losses of both attacker and defender

Firstly, check if the report is complete, i.e. it contains all the data listed above. If so, then verify the language version. Language version of the converter must be the same as language version of tribal wars from which the report comes from.

Don't paste the links to either publicized reports or links to ingame reports, the converter won't parse them, because it doesn't work this way.
Instead, copy (CRTL+c) the whole content of the page or part of it as shown on this image:

Unselected (on the left) and selected (on the right) report.

Copied report paste into the textbox, click convert button and wait a while for your parsed report.

If it did not help, send here an email.