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Functionality fully available for registered users.


Navigation on TW map happens by coordinates. To precise description of its area giving coordinates of two characteristic points is needed - left top, and right bottom (so four coorinates - minimal left, minimal top, maximal right and maximal bottom). Zone between them, depending on the user request, will be filled with villages belonging to given tribes and/or players.

Of course map wont be generated when the first coordinate will be greater than the third, and second than fourth (please have a look at the map form).

Display continent

If you want to display one continent, simply type in field Display continent continent number, and then click somewhere else. Coordinate fields will be filled automatically.

Village size

It defines the size of individual village in pixels. For huge maps recommended size is 0.5


Type Tags of tribes.

Favourite maps

Functionality simplificating the mechanism of filling the form to the necessary minimum. It allows to save to Your account infinite number of maps. Only for registered users.

Change of map name

Each saved map receives a standard name, which can be insufficient when having a lot of maps. To change the map name choose edit and type a new name. Then click somewhere else and wait few second while changes take place.