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Welcome to
We provide the most complex statistics related to the free strategy browser game Tribal Wars.
If you haven't ever heard about us consider taking part in our Tour, and check Why is it worth registering?
If you are more familiar with us, feel free to report all the errors and take active part in our development. We are open for any suggestion.
We hope you enjoy your stay here.

The quickbar/bookmark script for Reports Vault

The quickbar/bookmark script that allows you to send reports directly to the Reports Vault has been released.
Now, with minimum effort, you can add the reports to any vault without leaving the game. The script is available in a Script section of given Vault.
The script is legal, and the discussion about it you can follow here: MyTwstats Reports Vault Script


16-02-2018 14:47 | Tacyt
Registration is working again.

Reports Vault

06-03-2016 12:28 | Tacyt
Adding reports to the vault using the script works again. The only required task is reentering the script, i.e. copying and pasting it in TW.


06-03-2016 12:26 | Tacyt
Registration issues have been solved.

New server

18-02-2015 13:53 | Tacyt
We have moved to a new server. Hopefully it can serve us longer than a previous one. Please report all errors.

New War Stats

08-04-2014 23:24 | Tacyt
The most complex War Stats tool on the web has been added. Tribes, players, tribeless players, abandoned villages, self-ennoblements - all these features are supported. The obtained results can be saved and exported to an external server with a single click.

Automatic Language Detection

04-12-2013 16:37 | Tacyt
Reports Converter has been equipped with Automatic Language Detection so that choosing a language before parsing is not needed anymore.
Since language detection is not a trivial task, forgive all the errors and PM me the reports for which the language detections fails.

US server added

05-11-2013 22:50 | Tacyt
Visit for stats from Tribal Wars USA server!

New updates system

01-06-2013 22:05 | Tacyt
In the last couple of days we were testing the new updates system, and now we finally switched to it. It should drastically reduce server load and improve user convenience. As always, report all the errors.

Converter fix

13-04-2013 12:44 | Tacyt
Error with reports not converting due to nightly bonus for the defender has been resolved.
Please report other errors!

Romanian server is back

09-04-2013 13:14 | Tacyt
You can find it at
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