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Reports Vault improvement

20-09-2009 19:20 | Tacyt
We would like to announce that a new version of Reports Vault has been released!
New features include:
- The wall level is listed along with the troops in the village.
- If in the newest report there is no information about the wall level, the latest known wall level is shown (link to that latest wall level report is provided too).
- Same logic applies to the units outside of village information.
- The report status is indicated in the same way as in game (green, yellow, red, blue icons).
- Village Info and Changes of owners are presented in village view,
- Reports' visibility option to Hide troops outside of the village are added for both admins and users.

The following image (click to enlarge) should help you understand some of the new features:

Click here for a Reports Vault example!
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#1 | daftwager | 20-09 20:51
Awesome job mate, thanks so much!