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Vault stats

20-01-2010 22:21 | Tacyt
In Reports Vault admins can now check the Vault statistics describing precisely troops killed in general and day by day, both for attackers and defenders. There are also graphs showing same data.
If you have another requests just write :)

EDIT: Now admins can decide whether to make Vault statistics public to all Vault's users or not. Also haul was added to the stats.
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#1 | hambone667 | 22-01 18:29
Now that's some cool stuff!
#2 | daftwager | 04-02 20:03
Pretty kool stuff, how about one more step, troops killed is all very interesting but the basic idea of a battle is to noble and hold a new villages - and of course the defender to hold or if lost to counter attack and regain the village. So stats about villages gained and lost would be very interesting (of course I have no idea if that is even possible or if possible how much work that means)

I will write this in a message to Admins as well.
#3 | Tacyt | 06-02 11:31
We will think about it, but it might be quite complicated.