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All reports in RV

22-02-2010 14:07 | Tacyt
We 've added All reports and All villages sections into Reports vault, so you can now see all reports added to Vault and all attacked villages at once.
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#1 | daftwager | 24-02 21:23
very nice my friend, now next step to be able to see a list of all villages as it is currently limited to either the last 20 attacks or last 20 villages.
#2 | Tacyt | 24-02 21:50
Where to put that data? What do you think?
#3 | daftwager | 25-02 22:13
Could be on the main screen or if that makes it difficult then how about clicking to another screen for the full list of villages attacked?
#4 | Tacyt | 26-02 11:33
On the main screen could be sometimes not enough space, so I added the link to the new site where all villages are listed.
#5 | daftwager | 27-02 21:24
Sounds great but I don't see where the link to all villages attacked is? Still only see the last 20 villages attacked. thnx.
#6 | Tacyt | 28-02 00:14
please open your vault in beta version and you will find it :)
#7 | daftwager | 28-02 01:13
ops very sorry my friend i had not moved to the beta site until now, I will use beta going forward and announce to my tribe to also move to the beta site going forward. I now see a forum and I will use that for some ideas I have - many we have already talked about :)
#8 | Tacyt | 28-02 12:02
Great :)