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New map!

03-07-2009 15:47 | Tacyt
We would like to present to you a brand new map. From now on, typing any coordinates is a thing of the past :)

First change is a new 0.5 map size. In this size, when entering a map page, a blank map of whole world appears.
To choose an interesting part of the map, just move your cursor over it and select area with left mouse button down. Coordinates will be filled automatically. If you click outside the selected area, then coordinates will return to their initial state.

Another new thing is the possibility of creating a static map image, saving it to your profile, and creating a simple image archive.
Of course, saving map settings, to dynamic generation of maps, is still available.
We believe these two options will simplify watching changes happening on the world.

We have also implemented a choice of background map color and color of abandoned villages.
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