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Please note that the waiting time while processing complex requests (many tribes, long date range) may increase.


In these stats all players, whatever tribe they currently are, were conquered or left the game, are considered. To consider only current tribe members visit this page.

Aggregation of changes of villages between each pair of tribes doesn't have to be equal, and mostly will be higher, than total village changes (emphased with heigher font). It is related to the migrations of players between tribes considered as "Allies" and "Enemies".


Tribes A1 and A2 are Allies. Their common enemy is tribe E1.
Member of tribe A1, PA1, conquered 1 village belonging to E1. Then he moved to ally tribe A2.
Query will result, that both tribes A1 and A2 have taken one village of E1 each, because all - current and former players of each tribe - are considered (and PA1 was in A1 same as in A2). But total number of conquered villages will be 1 (as it in fact is).

Declare ally and enemy tribes:

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